Eurokat Ca, 10 µm, Column 300 x 8 mm

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Article No.: 30GX360EKN
Articlename: Eurokat Ca, 10 µm, Column 300 x 8 mm

Eurokat Ca, 10 µm, Column 300 x 8 mm

Polymer phase for the determination of mono- and disaccharides

Ca (USP L19) form, 6 % cross linkage


Cation exchanger, extremely long lasting lifetime when correctly handled, best results with aqueous eluents, recommended eluent is pure deionized water, usage of up to 10 % organic content in the mobile phase is possible

Technical Data

Sulfonated cross-linked styrenedivinylbenzene copolymer with 6 % cross linkage in the ionic form Ca, available in 10μm particle size, pressure stable up to maximum 100 bar

Recommended application areas

Especially designed for the analysis of small carbohydrates up to DP 4

Technical Data

Separation column

Brand Eurokat
Modification Ca
Special characteristics -
Particle size 10 µm
Pore size 6% cross linkage
Particle shape sulfonated cross-linked styrenedivinylbenzene copolymer 
USP code L19
Length [mm] 300 mm
Inner diameter [mm] 8 mm
Hardware type Standard
Connection 1/16"
Application area HPLC of sugars, organic acids and alcohols
Pore volume n/a
Metal content n/a
Carbon load -
Recommended pH range 1-14
Density n/a
Temperature range up to 90 °C
Specific surface area -

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