Xylitol Extraction via HPLC Purification from Fermented Biomass

Application No.: VFD0150

Xylitol Extraction via HPLC Purification from Fermented Biomass

A latest approach in bioethanol generation is the usage of yeast and bacteria that uses C5 sugars for fermentation and the valorization of bio refinery by products. Here it is shown that a hemicellulose-like fermentation mash has a high content of the artificial sweetener xylitol and that its purification by HPLC can be accomplished using polymer based Eurokat columns in high recovery (95%) with a high purity (99%). The refractive index detector's Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) feature was used for preparative experiments.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode Ion exclusion, Ligand exchange
Substances xylose (D +), arabinose (D -), glycerol (D -), mannitol, xylitol
Key words Xylose, arabinose, glycerol, mannitol, xylitol, fermentation broth, carbohydrates, sugar alcohols, HPLC purification, SEC–IEX
CAS number 58-86-6; 10323-20-3; 56-81-5; 69-65-8; 87-99-0

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