Cannabis and Hemp Testing HPLC Solutions 

Liquid chromatography is central to a broad cross-section of cannabis testing applications. It has been used to help characterize the 100+ cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant, demonstrating radically different pharmacological mechanisms of action from one to the next. 

Liquid Chromatography for the Quality Control of Cannabis Products

Analytical HPLC is implemented in numerous ways to help professionals on all sides of the cannabis market in legitimacy. To ensure a safe product of highest quality, several tests should be carried out. They include cannabinoid profiling, potency testing via quantification of THC (presence/absence of THC), determination of naturally occurring contaminants like mycotoxins and determination of artificial contaminants like pesticides. Which regulations apply for a user depends on the market the product is intended for.

Liquid Chromatography for Cannabinoid purification

Whenever highly pure cannabinoids should be produced from Cannabis plants or raw extracts, preparative chromatography is the method of choice. We have developed a preparative HPLC system for the purification of single cannabinoids from extracts of cannabis flos or cannabinoid oil. 

Liquid Chromatography for Cannabinoid production

If a batch process is implemented or a continuous process using simulated moving bed chromatography (SMB) is more effectful always depends on the specific customer´s needs. KNAUER has extensive experiences in customized solutions for both types of applications for the cannabis industry.

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Using SMB Chromatography to continuously Purify Cannabinoids

KNAUER's simulated moving bed (SMB) chromatography systems can be used for the continous purification of cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) or Cannabigerol (CBG). 

KNAUER worked alongside Dr. Simona Felletti, an expert in the field of HPLC and cannabinoids from the University of Ferrara, to develop SMB methodologies for the continuous purification of cannabinoids.

This video shows such a purification process -  from cannabis plant to pure CBG - involving the extraction of cannabinoids from cannabis plant matter, followed by purification via SMB chromatography, then lastly HPLC analysis to confirm the purity of the final product. 

Such purification methodologies can be used at scale to produce pure cannabinoids from cannabis or hemp plant material. 

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KNAUER does not endorse the use of its products in connection with the illegal use, cultivation or trade of cannabis products. KNAUER does not endorse the illicit use of marijuana, we merely provide an overview of the methods and systems of cannabis analysis.

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