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Article No.: A29201
Articlename: AZURA Pilot SMB System

AZURA Pilot SMB System

Continuous purification in pilot scale up to 200 ml/min

To extract high-purity pharmaceutical active ingredients from natural products at high yields is a major challenge. This also applies to the cannabinoid sector. Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) chromatography, as a continuous LC method, sets the standard for productivity, purity and yield.


This AZURA SMB pilot system is dedicated for the continuous production of API´s. The System allows the continuous separation of mixtures of substances and extraction into two fractions. High purities and simultaneous yields of up to 100% distinguish this process from conventional preparative LC methods. 


The system features four preparative Pump BlueShadow 80P, four CORI-Flow M14 flowmeters and seven multi-position valves integrated into four AZURA Assistans ASM 2.2L

  • The three system pumps are equipped with 500 ml/min stainless steel pump heads, enabling volume flows of up to 250 ml/min inside the SMB cycle. The feed pump works with a 100 ml pump head and can thus also precisely dose the feed in the low flow range.


  • The seven multi-position valves, operated by the valve unifier VU 4.1, are made of stainless steel and are equipped with connections for 1/8" pipes. The Valve Unifier VU 4.1, integrated in the ASM 2.2L provides the newest technology to our SMB systems. The smart valve drive features automatic valve recognition and adjusts torque and switching speed specifically for each valve. This RFID technology enables to read GLP data, for example the maintenance of the rotor seal exchange is simplified by automatic notifications.


  • The new plug-in design of the ASM 2.2L allows the modules to be removed by loosening just four screws, enabling the user to quickly exchange the modules. Especially in production processes the downtime of a system in case of service needs to be minimized.


  • The PurityChrom® MCC control software provides an intuitive and easy operating of the SMB. PurityChrom® MCC offers the possibility to independently record, store, monitor, and process error messages, warnings of level meter as well as several detector signals (UV, RI), flowmeters and other signals via analog inputs. The software complies with 21 CFR Part 11.


  • The Pilot SMB system includes four flowmeters. Flow rate accuracy in all SMB zones and the feed stream is recorded for each cycle. The use of four flowmeters allows a complete real-time monitoring of the entire SMB process so that the user can directly react to deviations of the flow rates.


  • As a complete system, the AZURA SMB pilot system will be pre-installed on a table with the dimensions 1465 x 785 x 1200 mm  (WxDxH). Every device and capillaries are fixed and therefor well structured. Additional components i.e. flowmeters are also integrable. The product streams and the column in and outlets are placed user friendly outside the table ensuring a fast and easy connection via tube fittings. The easy cleanable stainless-steel surface, antistatic wheels and leakage tubs fulfils main requirements for production areas. The AZURA SMB Pilot System can be easily transferred by the customer inside or between different production sides due to the moveable design. 

Key Features

Technical Data

AZURA SMB systems

Continuous working conditions 5-200 ml/min
Recommended Feed flow 1-40 ml/min
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 100 bar
Maximum viscosity 1000 cP
Column dimensions up to 50 mm ID
Column configuration 2:2:2:2, 1:1:1:1, 1:3:3:1
Operating modes SMB
Supported software packages PurityChrom® MCC
Wetted materials PAEK, stainless steel

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