Software solutions

KNAUER offers a variety of software solutions for your chromatography needs.

The following software packages are designed to deal with different levels of complexity and laboratory size.

All of these solutions are available with preparative functionality to enable chromatography purification tasks. This is a choice exclusively offered by KNAUER.

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Software packages

Mobile Control

How do you control your HPLC system?

With the Mobile Control software you have your AZURA devices at your fingertips: Easily check the status or set parameters of several devices simultaneously. 

The Mobile Control is a perfect addition to your chromatography data system or may be sufficient to operate your instrument in stand-alone mode. Mobile Control from KNAUER is safe: It ensures that device parameters can only be changed by authorized operators.

Chromeleon™ 7.2 Drivers

Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ Chromeleon™ is one of the most wide-spread chromatography data systems. Its intuitive handling benefits laboratory workflow and the highly developed algorithms simplify data processing. It offers a broad range of third-party drivers and can be easily used with existing HPLC systems. KNAUER offers drivers for a lot of its devices

Method converters

Download FREE KNAUER software tools to easily convert or scale up your method.

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