Column tempering for liquid chromatography

A stable column temperature is crucial for reproducible separations and constant retention times. Moreover, increasing the column temperature leads to a decreased solvent viscosity and therewith to a lower backpressure. Consequently, flow rates can be raised resulting in faster analysis times of your HPLC system. KNAUER`s column tempering solutions improve your separations.


Column Thermostat

Column thermostat CT 2.1

The basic column thermostat is a software controlled heating department, designed for up to 8 columns depending on the size of the columns. Suitable for analytical und semipreparative columns in the peltier element controlled temperature range of 5–85 °C. Can be additionally equipped with a preheating cartridge. 
Columns with an ID > 16 mm should be heated by other options, because the big inner diameter and the higher flowrate can lead to temperature profiles inside the column which can negativly influence the analytical performance. 

Pre-column tempering

Pre-heating cartridges or eluent heaters can be used to warm up the eluent before it reaches the column. This helps to stop the formation of temperature profiles inside the column. 
While pre-heating cartridges are built in the column oven and mainly used in analytical HPLC, eluent heaters are stand-alone devices and are used for preparative HPLC.
Another solution is the pump head heating devices, which directly heats the solvent inside the pump head to start the heating process even earlier in the HPLC and achieve a constant temperature. 

Options for Pre-Column tempering

Column heating sleeves

Our column heating Sleeves are the perfect solution for thermosetting your preparative column hardware. Regardless if you want to reduce viscosity or improve performance, the column sleeves are a very compact and cost-effective solution for your preparative column heating tasks.

They are available for all preparative KNAUER column dimensions up to a diameter of 101mm, a length of 1000mm, and up to 100 °C.
Several options are available to control the temperature of the sleeves.
Standalone options would include the A57024 as a separate temperature controller. 
As for software approaches the sleeves can also be controlled via the PurityChrom software together with a Eluent heater

Our column heating sleeves are available as a normal variant and a moisture-proof variant.

Do you need to heat columns with different dimensions?
No problem, we can offer customized column sleeves (A57032).

Column heating sleeves
Article No. Length (mm) ID (mm) Tmax
A57022 250 4.6 100 °C
A57026 150 20 100 °C
A57027 250 20 100 °C
A57028 150 30 100 °C
A57029 250 30 100 °C
A57030 150 50 100 °C
A57031 250 50 100 °C
A57032 customizable

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