Chiral Column Screening Service

As most chiral separations are not predictable, KNAUER offers a screening service to find the best suiting Eurospher II Chiral column for your chiral separation task. There are 2 different options:

Option 1: Simple chiral column screening

Introductory offer for Eurospher II Chiral columns: Screening in NP mode free of charge!*

*Requirements: 1) Sample is diluted and soluble in normal phase solvents. 2) Sample Screening data sheet is filled in completely before the sample is sent to us. 3) Sample is already prepared for injection into the HPLC system. Offer is valid until December 31, 2019.

Option 2: Advanced chiral column screening and/or method development and optimization

Details and requirements must be discussed previously with KNAUER´s application specialists.

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