One Valve Drive for all applications 

This fully automatic valve drive saves you time in the lab 

The Valve Unifier is a smart valve drive with RFID technology (Radio-frequency identification). It features automatic valve recognition and adjusts torque and switching speed specifically for each valve. Therefore, only one valve drive is needed regardless of the valve from analytical to preparative scale. The automatic valve recognition was developed and tested in the lab to guarantee an easy handling. In addition the valve drive features high precision position control and stores important GLP data like number switching cycles on the valve.
The valve drive works as stand-alone device thanks to an integrated display but can also be controlled via our supported software. Due to various interfaces and the small footprint the valve drive AZURA VU 4.1 can easily be used to upgrade an existing system.

From injection to peak recycling - KNAUER valves

Valves are ubiquitous in all liquid chromatography applications. They act like a switch and can control the flow path of the chromatography system in various ways. Therefore, valves are indispensable for eluent selection, sample injection, column selection, and fractionation as well as any switching task. KNAUER valves are designed for a wide range of chromatographic and dosing applications. Flexibility is provided by choice of different materials and sizes as well as drivers for various software packages. Valves are driven either manually or automatically through a valve drive.

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