Corporate Social Responsibility

We are engaged in the well-being of our employees and take responsibility for our environment and the conservation of nature.


Our activities to support our employees include:

  • Promotion of department-spanning competences and making staff aware of customer needs with trade fair visits, job rotation and tandem tours to clients
  • Creativity room for brainstorming and promotion of the innovation culture and use of modern creativity techniques
  • Central communication and break room with cooking facilities
  • Enjoyable cooking events – three employees cook up culinary delights for all of the staff every quarter, at the company’s expense
  • “Welcome bonus” for newborn babies and cash gifts at weddings
  • “Employee of the Month” award includes a bonus payment
  • Use of the garden for all employees: relaxation, meetings, fruit and vegetables
  • Free health checks and in-house aerobic classes, including refreshments
  • Employee survey every two years with appraisal and implementation
  • Moral and organizational support with private problems or emergency situations
  • Flexible working hours
  • Childcare for employees’ children in a “kid’s room” if required
  • Support for families in the form of daycare fees for all children
  • regular information regarding company relevant data and key financial figures without legal obligation
  • Annual financial share of the employees in the company’s success
  • Business Bike leasing

Every action has an impact on the social environment. Our social activities include:

  • All jobs at KNAUER are based at the Berlin headquarters, no jobs are transferred abroad. Suppliers from the Berlin/Brandenburg area are preferred.
  • Advancement of young people, involvement in Girls’ Day, apprenticeship positions, internships and degree dissertations
  • Support of schools in southwest Berlin – lessons and guided tours through our CNC workshop and production area, donations for inventory and teaching materials
  • The KNAUER Explorer Club for Kids (KEK) in the KNAUER headquarter is used as an experiment laboratory for kids in order to make them interested in the natural sciences.

We are committed to saving the environment for us and for our children. Our ecologic activities are stipulated in our environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001. Our ecological activities include:

  • Complete modernization of the company building included thermal insulation, new windows, electric blinds and
    green roof, which resulted in a 50% saving of heating oil
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system on the headquater's roof
  • Support of the district, for example donation of 40 trees for planting in streets
  • Business travel guidelines from an ecological, economical and social point of view
  • Use of green power – contracts with relevant providers
  • Paper saving, preferred use of recycled paper and recycling of paper printed on one side
  • Tips and instructions for clients to reduce solvent consumption during laboratory analysis
  • Environmentally-safe working and production of the devices and HPLC columns, for example by the use of energy-efficient work equipment and reduction of the solvent consumption
  • A life cycle assessment to optimize the manufacturing process and concentrate on electricity-saving components

Respect means for us to treat other people equitably because we value their personality and work and tolerate their opinion. We are open-minded about new ideas and like to share our experience. In which way do we interpret the company values?

  • Innovation and quality are reached by means of curiousness and creativity, through continuously improving our development processes, paired with experience, expertise, and the customer needs being put into focus.
  • Reliability stands for living up to our contract bonds conscientiously and on time, and for answering our customer requests quickly and proficiently.
  • Steadiness includes reliable planning and ideally coordinated processes as well as safeguarding jobs. We work together on the basis of mutual understanding.

What do company values mean to us?

All the people employed in our family business are concerned with the company values. You can rely on the fact that these values are generally considered in our thinking and acting here and all over the world. With powerful, motivated employees, a lot of curiosity and creativity we create something new every day. This energy is noticeable by our customers, suppliers, and competitors worldwide.


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