High-Pressure Dosing Pumps

Precise dosing in the laboratory and in production

KNAUER dosing pumps are highly accurate two-piston pumps for applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in research and method development. They pump and dose aqueous and organic liquids, aggressive media or liquid gases. The metering pumps impress with their high chemical resistance, excellent flow rate precision and low pulsation of the pumped medium in a wide range of applications: 

  • Flow rates from 10 ml/min to 1,000 ml/min
  • High pressure range up to 650 bar 
  • Wide temperature range from -10 °C to 120 °C
  • Viscous liquids up to 1,000 mPa-s
KNAUER dosing pumps can be used for a wide range of dosing applications. Standalone operation with display and buttons is quick and easy. With the different remote control options, these pumps can be integrated into virtually any process environment.

Thanks to the integrated RFID-technology, pump heads are exchangeable for minimum downtime of your dosing solution while maintainig maximal flexibility with regards to flow and pressure range. 

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Dosing Pumps overview

Flow and pressure range

Easily choose the perfect dosing pump for your application

When choosing a dosing system, flow rate and pressure range are key parameters. KNAUER dosing pumps are designed for HPLC applications and thus feature excellent pressure stability,  low pulsation and precise delivery at flow rates from 0.01 - 1000 ml/min.

Compact pump for flow rates of up to 50 ml/min: AZURA Pump P2.1S / P4.1S

 For flow rates up to 50 ml/min: BlueShadow Pump 40P


For flow rates of up to 1000 ml/min: BlueShadow Pump 80P

Chemical compatibility

In order to optimally adapt the dosing solution to your tasks, the materials used must be perfectly matched to the application. KNAUER dosing pumps are resistant to a wide range of chemicals. Depending on the pumped medium, the wetted materials can be stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy C or ceramic. A choice of check valves, seals and piston rods for various types of eluents.

Thanks to the replaceable pump head, which is automatically detected by the pump, the metering pumps can be adapted to new tasks. The documentation of operating hours is simplified by the automatic recording of the running time and maintenance cycles can be easily planned.

Pump control

KNAUER dosing pumps offer a wide range of control options. Configuration and adjustment of the flow rate can be made via keypad and display or touch screen. Smaller test arrangements where a constant flow rate is set can be realized quickly and easily.

In addition, all KNAUER metering pumps can be remote controlled via various interfaces. A flow rate can be set via the local network (LAN) using suitable software. Control via a serial RS-232 interface is also possible. On request, the communication protocol can be provided for integration into an existing software environment. 

KNAUER dosing pumps also offer a wide range of possibilities for control via an analog signal.

Accurate dosing for demanding applications

Gain flexibility, improve precision

Demanding metering applications for liquids with different viscosities or precise batch dosing tasks require very precise control of the flow rate.

In pharmaceutical production for example, precise monitoring of the delivered ingredients is required for each production batch. Volumentric flow of individual components must be kept within the defined optimal range to obtain the best possible product quality.

Volumetric flow can be monitored and controlled independent from the liquid properties with Coriolis mass flow controllers, which are a great addition to any KNAUER dosing pump.

To control the pump's flow rate with a mass flow controller, a liquid connection from the pump outlet to the flowmeter is required. The flowmeter is connected to the pump's analog input and to a PC running the control software. For maximal flexibility, the software allows adaptation of the control parameters to match the control algorithm and the liquid properties. Setpoints can be adjusted with the control software, an optional display unit or a process control environment using Profibus or Profinet interface.

Thats what our customers say

The dosing pumps are used in a new production process of methanesulfonic acid (MSA), directly from methane and sulfur trioxide. In order to realize the special customer requirements, KNAUER has developed and configured the dosing pumps exactly together with the customer Grillo AG.

KNAUER high-pressure dosing pumps are based on HPLC technology and inherently provide high chemical resistance, excellent flow rate precision and low pulsation. However, promoting liquid sulfur trioxide required customization, especially with regard to plastic parts in the flow path. Another important prerequisite for the success was the powerful pump head heating offered by KNAUER in order to keep sulfur trioxide fluid even at low flow rates or stoppages.

More customer feedback

Precise metering has a significant influence on plastic properties 
The properties of a plastic do not only depend on the base polymer. With additives, the basic properties can be modified during processing, for example, for a higher elasticity or better light stability of a plastic.
"From our previous results, it can be seen that the precise adjustment of the proportion of plasticizer has a decisive influence on the reproducibility of the material properties. Therefore, we can recommend the metering pumps of KNAUER without restrictions " (Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Thieroff, Processing Technology, Kunststoff-Zentrum in Leipzig gGmbH)


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