High-quality FPLC columns to reach your purification goals KNAUER Sepapure® FPLC columns

Sepapure® FPLC columns are a high-quality alternative to well-known FPLC columns for Size-Exclusion (SEC), Affinity (AC) and Ion-Exchange chromatography (IEX). Sepapure FPLC columns are completing the KNAUER protein purification portfolio and are our recommended LC column to your FPLC system.

Our FPLC columns come as prepacked ready-to-use 5 ml cartridge and can also be purchased as bulk resin. The media for affinity chromatography and ion-exchange chromatography are based on agarose, a well-proven material in FPLC chro­matography.
For affinity chromatography the agarose solid phase is functionalized with ligands for the purification of recombinantly expressed proteins with His- or GST-tags or antibodies via Protein A or Protein G affinity. The Ion-Exchange columns can be purchased as weak and strong anion or cation exchangers. The basis of our FPLC desalting column is dextran, which reliably separates small molecules and salts from valuable proteins.

With these materials, the Sepapure FPLC columns are the best matching bio­chromato­graphy columns to your AZURA FPLC system, giving you the complete and reliable KNAUER FPLC package. Made in Germany.

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