KNAUER manufactures high-end scientific instruments for research, routine analysis, quality assurance, and other applications. Supported technologies include liquid chromatography, precise handling and pumping of liquids up to high pressures, as well as flow-through detection of dissolved substances. Customizable products and solutions are one of our strengths. Made in Germany.

Developing devices that help people in the laboratory to gain new insights or facilitate their work. This is the spirit in which KNAUER was founded and continues to drive the company today.

KNAUER History

It all started with a soldering iron, a jigsaw and an ingenious idea for a highly accurate electronic thermometer.

Chemist Dr.-Ing. Herbert Knauer founded the company together with his wife Roswitha in 1962. Both are still active as advisers to this day. The couple‘s daughter, Alexandra Knauer, is managing director and owner of the company since the year 2000. As of April 2021, she is leading KNAUER together with Sales Director Carsten Losch.

Today, KNAUER is an established company with 180 employees that successfully develops, manufactures and markets chromatography instruments worldwide.


KNAUER lives sustainability. Not only because we are scientists, but also we care - about the environment, animals and our future.
KNAUER has many initiatives for a greener company. For example, plastic beverage bottles have been banned from the company, and coming to work by bike or public transport is rewarded.

Our vision (until 2025)

We provide tools that enable science to gain knowledge and contribute to the health and well-being of humanity and the planet.

We are pioneers for sustainability and work together in a trustful and result-oriented way.

We remain an independent high-tech producer with LC products for laboratory and production, and we are open to new technologies if they sustainably improve our work processes.

Our customers from various industries are at the center of everything we do. We develop, produce and adapt solutions in best quality.

Made in Germany for the whole world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are engaged in the well-being of our employees and take responsibility for our environment and the conservation of nature. Our social responsibility is reflected in our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Innovation is recognized

KNAUER won numerous awards for innovations and entrepreneurial excellence.


KNAUER Academy

The KNAUER Academy offers trainings for chromatography users, distributors and sales staff. Our major goal is to make every trainee familiar with latest chromatographic technologies. Our trainings are in small groups in the lab. Intensive lectures and hands-on laboratory exercises, packed with practical information that will help improve your skills and productivity. Our courses are held in English or German. The courses cover all brands.

KEK - KNAUER Explorer Club for Kids

In co-operation with the study group "Kinderforscher" from the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), we arranged one room in the KNAUER headquarter as an experiment laboratory for kids in order to make them interested in the natural sciences. In this Explorer Club (called "KEK") kids can make practical experiments and learn e.g. how testing of beverages for harmful substances, rivers for pollution or athletes for doping is carried out.

The KEK is designed for classes of up to 30 students aged 11 to 14*. Before the start, every student gets a lab journal with the respective tasks for each experiment. The students work in small groups on the experiments that explain basic scientific principles.

We are happy to welcome more and more students to our KNAUER Explorer Club (KEK)!

*) Please note: due to the pandemic, the activities of the KEK are paused until further notice.

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