LC Autosampler for automated injection

KNAUER offers a range of sample injection systems for analytical and preparative chromatography, as well as for bio purification (FPLC). 

The AZURA Autosampler AS 6.1L combines the advantages of AZURA housing hardware with the reliable performance and with high precision and accuracy.

It features the AZURA footprint and design and will, therefore, fit perfectly to other AZURA devices. The AS 6.1L is available in a broad range of configurations.

Autosampler AZURA AS 6.1L

autosamplers for

Injection modes of the autosampler

How to minimize carryover with a new washing method

Carryover is the appearance of a small sample peak when injecting a blank after the sample. It is caused by sample residues which remained in the system after the preceding injection. One significant factor for carryover is the injection mode used. In this study it was investigated to what extent the carryover correlates with the number of subsequent washing steps. Both the wash volume and the properties of the wash solutions have a significant effect on sample carryover. Sample carryover was reduced to less than 0.003 % for the analytes, caffeine and chlorhexidine.

Autosampler accessories

Vial plates (samples racks), vials and other accessories for autosamplers.

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