Systems for FPLC

The flexible protein purification platform

Complete solutions for FPLC on a minimum footprint: AZURA® FPLC systems combine flexibility and reliability. The biocompatible/metal free AZURA® FPLC is the perfect choice for your protein purification task. The AZURA Bio purification standard configuration can be changed or upgraded by optional components. Multiple functionalities such as column switching, buffer and sample selection as well as fraction collection enable the user to automate the purification. 

Configure your perfect FPLC system

Build a custom solution based on your requirements. Just pick the components that match your method parameters.

Biopurification Accessories / Spare parts

Sometimes it is the little things that produce the big results. In addition to systems and devices, KNAUER offers a wide range of Accessories and Supplies. These parts are compatible with all commonly used HPLC or FPLC systems, columns, pumps, as well as detectors and were designed to simplify everyday laboratory life.

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