Dear Friends of Knauer!

We are happy to report that sustainable und environmentally-friendly concepts and methods have become firmly established in all of our departments at Knauer. In fact, many of our employees have been offering interesting ideas which we have taken to heart over the years, and so together we have been able to make continual improvements. Take a look for instance at what our employees themselves say about the importance of environmental awareness to them as they report on the specific ways sustainable methods have changed their workplace. As you can see, this project truly stirs our passions. Be a part of this enthusiastic initiative and join us by using our new platforms for exchanging ideas on sustainability and environmentalism. After all, the question: "How should we live and work in the future?" affects everyone.    

May the short interviews and anecdotes entertain you and inspire you to think further about sustainability, and even more importantly, may they lead you to adopt some of our sustainable ideas! We would be thrilled if you would participate and if we could welcome you to the KNAUERforFuture Sustainability Initiative. Please send us a video or let us arrange an interview appointment with you. Our sustainability gallery — our "green" platform — is counting on you!

Yours truly,

Alexandra Knauer

P.S. I am so very proud of all of our efforts: my deepest thanks to all my colleagues and our employees who have invested their valuable time and energy in this endeavor and to those as well who will join us in the future.

Our 2023 Sustainability Week ...

Resource-saving use of energy and raw materials, fair trade, biodiversity, regional supply chains and much more generally attract a great deal of attention from entrepreneur Alexandra Knauer and the workforce. So what is the role of a campaign week on this topic?

Video messages

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Sustainability & ecological commitment

We are committed to protecting the environment for ourselves and our children. KNAUER contributes to the conservation of a healthy environment by basing our work on an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The KNAUER quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 makes sure that we continuously manufacture products in the best quality possible. As a family business with around 180 employees, KNAUER focuses on sustainability and takes responsibility for our future.

Some of our ecological activities:

  • The regular creation of an input and output balance for the determination and evaluation of energy and resource flows
  • Environmentally friendly product development, energy-efficient production, and shipping with
    biodegradable packaging materials and reusable packaging with local suppliers
  • Fixed specifications for the development of new products according to ecological aspects such as low solvent consumption, repairability, and longevity of the products
  • Complete modernization of the company building included thermal insulation, new windows, electric blinds, and a green rooftop, which resulted in a 50 % heating energy saving
  • 100 % green electricity and generation of solar power with our photovoltaic system on the roof
  • Guidelines for business travel from an environmental, economic, and social perspective
  • Tips and instructions for clients to reduce solvent consumption during instrument use
  • Environmentally compatible working and manufacturing of HPLC instruments and accessories, e.g. by using energy-efficient working equipment and reducing the use of solvents and harmful substances
  • A life cycle assessment to optimize the manufacturing process and concentrate on electricity saving components

knauer.net uses 100% renewable energy

Our website is hosted in Germany by Hetzner Online, a company committed to environmental protection. In their German data centers they use electricity from 100 % hydropower – one of the green energy sources for electricity with the longest tradition. For years they also select most energy-efficient hardware.


  • Ecologically managed, excellent and award-winning company garden. The beautiful, spacious organic garden on the company premises is a place where people, plants and animals can truly feel at home. It is precisely because KNAUER is such a high-tech company that, under the guidance of the organic farmer Olaf Hempelmann, the ecological orientation was put in the foreground when designing the garden. No use of pesticides or insecticides and only selective intervention - this is the philosophy of the beautiful organic garden in Zehlendorf. In addition, some beehives live in the KNAUER company garden and produce honey
  • No plastic bottles in the company, free glass bottles for all employees and a drinking water filter for water of the highest quality
  • Reward for employees travelling by bicycle, public transport or carpooling
  • Bicycle station for employees with covered bicycle parking, bicycle pump and bicycle repair tools
  • Leasing of a "Business Bike"
  • Supporting the county, e.g. with a donation of 40 trees for planting on the streets
  • Paper saving, preferred use of recycled paper and recycling of single-sided printed paper. Read the article in the "Robin Wood" magazine 
  • Participation in the european sustainability week

Five questions for...
CEO Alexandra Knauer

KNAUER CEO Mrs. Alexandra Knauer faces unknown questions. An interview about sustainability, our organic garden and bees.

"Nature conservation is an investment in the future. That´s why KNAUER is so commited to the environment and nature."

(Extract from Mrs. Knauer´s speech on the occasion of the 56th company anniversary, when the new walnut tree was planted in the award-winning ecogarden)

We separate molecules and unite people.

Based in Berlin, KNAUER is a medium-sized company that has been serving the sciences since 1962. We are a developer and manufacturer of scientific instruments of superior quality for liquid chromatography (LC), liquid dosing and other laboratory tasks. The product range includes systems, engineering solutions and components for:

Analytical HPLC / UHPLC
Preparative HPLC
Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)
Multi-column Chromatography / SMB
High-pressure dosing solutions
Lipid nanoparticle (LNP) production and research

We are an established partner in science. Today and in the future.​​​​​​

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