02.06.2020 | KNAUER NEWS

Laboratory equipment manufacturer KNAUER from Berlin holds it's own sustainability week

The European Sustainability Week is a political initiative whose aim is to initiate projects and events that contribute to the achievement of the so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This year it was postponed due to the Corona Pandemic. KNAUER is not postponing it and will hold its own "KNAUER Sustainability Week" for the first time in June.



Tuesday, June 2nd: Digital Meeting for employees

All 145 employees are informed comprehensively about the KNAUER sustainability week during a digital "value added breakfast". On this occasion they will receive the Spiegel bestseller "Small Gases - Big Impact: Climate Change" (https://www.klimawandel-buch.de), so that they can learn more about the topic.



Wednesday, June 3rd: Establishing Ecosia as a new search engine

Employees are trained to use and download the eco search engine Ecosia (www.ecosia.org). By using the search engine, KNAUER Ecosia enables the planting of many trees worldwide.


Thursday, June 4th: C02 reduced coming to work

A free bicycle check for all bicycles is offered at the company yard. The idea: On this day, and more often in the future, employees should leave their cars at home and try out new ways of getting around. The hope is that the number of cyclists will increase from year to year.


Friday, June 5th: Online presentation for employees on sustainability by Alexandra Knauer

The managing director reports on her previous engagement at KNAUER and explains the various actions to conserve resources as well as to promote the energy, transport and agricultural turnaround. She talks about the challenges and goals and hopes that other companies will be inspired by KNAUER.

At the end of the week, all employees receive a well-filled, reusable vegetable bag.


KNAUER will celebrate its 58th birthday in October. Managing Director Alexandra Knauer and her staff are keen to ensure that the world will continue to be a diverse and liveable place in the future. Reliability, stability, respect and quality are part of our values. These values are the foundation of our thinking and acting. With motivated employees living curiosity and creativity, we evaluate opportunities and risks in order to make good decisions. Our social responsibility is reflected in our extensive annual CSR activities (corporate social responsibility).

In addition to our Sustainability Week activities, KNAUER has already established various sustainable guidelines and processes. For many years, we have been purchasing 100 % green electricity, and also have our own solar power plant on our roof. KNAUER's fleet of company cars is small, because only those who need to visit customers have a company car at their disposal. The travel to Analytica trade fair next year will be airplane-free.  KNAUER travel and event management is an integral part of our company policy from an ecological, economic and social point of view. Strict guidelines for the development of new products according to ecological criteria such as low solvent consumption, repair capability and product longevity are established.

If you are looking for a company portrait of a Berlin company with heart, mind and sense for sustainability, please contact us:

Daniela Fehr, fehr@knauer.net, phone 030 809 727- 210

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