For more than 40 years, liquid chromatography columns from KNAUER have been well known for their high quality and performance.

In the field of analytical HPLC columns we can offer a solution for nearly any analytical separation task. KNAUER offers about 6,000 columns for analytical HPLC and UHPLC applications as well as for purification tasks in the preparative scale.

KNAUER LC column brands

  • Eurospher 
  • Eurospher II
  • Eurosil Bioselect
  • Eurokat
  • Eurospher I: the HPLC columns for every day                                 

    Suited for a wide range of analytical, semi-preparative and process scale separations in normal phase and reversed phase mode.

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  • Advanced HPLC / UHPLC columns: Eurospher II

    Eurospher II is introduced as the new workhorse for an even wider range of application areas, suitable for analytical, semi-preparative and process-scale separations. The logical choice to take on routine analyses as well as the most ambitious chromatoraphy tasks

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  • HPLC columns for bioanalytics: Eurosil Bioselect

    Eurosil Bioselect columns feature a wide-pore stationary phase and were specifically designed to separate large biomolecules such as proteins and peptides.

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  • HPLC columns for food analysis: Eurokat

    Eurokat columns are valuable for food analysis and especially developed for the separation of organic acids, carbonhydrates, alcohols and even complex mixtures of these compounds.

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(U)HPLC of small molecules

Silica gel based KNAUER columns for HPLC and UHPLC in the most often used modes


HPLC of sugars, organic acids and alcohols

Ion exclusion and ligand exchange columns

Based on a sulfonated cross-linked styrenedivinylbenzene copolymer and available in several ionic forms (H, Ca, Pb and Ag). This particular cation exchanger is characterized by an outstanding density of functional groups, making it the ideal choice for your ion exclusion, size exclusion and ligand exchange chromatography.


HPLC of Biomolecules

Analytical wide pore HPLC columns

The use of larger pore silica-based bonded phases leads to improvements in resolution, capacity and recovery of proteins and other biomolecules, due to a reduction in size exclusion mechanism and enhanced molecular diffusion rates. A pore size of 300 Å has become the accepted standard for wide pore silica gels because it has been found to be suitable for a broad range of molecular weight proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides. In general, peptides exceeding approximately 50 amino acids and oligonucleotides greater than 25 residues are preferentially analyzed on 300 Å materials.


Preparative HPLC columns

  • Vertex Plus AX preparative column hardware
  • Preparative KNAUER column hardware with axial compression

    What is the technical principle behind Vertex Plus AX?

    Up to 30% (25-40 mm) of the column bed length can be readjusted via the adjustable column screw.

    What characterizes the Vertex Plus AX life time?

    1) Column using with highest packing quality
    2) readjustment of the Vertex Plus AX column bed after demanding conditions
    3) reconstituted column performance for a longer life time

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Glass columns for FPLC

  • ECO and ECO PLUS Glass Columns
  • ECO and ECO PLUS Glass Columns

    Our easy-to-handle ECO and ECO PLUS glass columns are designed for almost all types of purification applications in the low pressure range mostly used for biochromatography. You can choose between an aqueous buffer version and a solvent resistant version.

    These glass columns can be easily packed and refilled with any resin for your purifications of proteins. The columns are supplied with all necessary accessories.

    The ECO glass columns can be equipped with an optional water-jacket to make them part of our Benchtop Cooling option and can be used over a wide range of temperatures. 

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