Purify CBD and other cannabinoids by preparative HPLC

Application No.: VPH0073

Purify CBD and other cannabinoids by preparative HPLC

The demand of pure cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids is increasing and therefore methods are needed that allow simultaneous purification of several cannabinoids from the same sample i.e. cannabis extract, paste or oil. Preparative HPLC is a well-established method for purification of target substances from natural substrates in high purities. In this application, a preparative HPLC method was developed for purification of CBD, Δ9-THC and CBC from a commercial CBD rich oil. All three cannabinoids were purified with high purity thus increasing the purity of the main component CBD from 72% to 93%.

Technical Data

Application details

Method HPLC
Mode RP
Substances Cannabinoids
Key words Cannabis, hemp, purification, scale-up, preparative LC, CBD purification, CBDV, CBG, CBD, CBN, Δ9-THC, CBL, CBC
CAS number 24274-48-4, 2808-33-5, 13956-29-1, 521-35-7, 1972-08-3, 21366-63-2, 20675-51-8

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