KNAUER columns for the determination of biomolecules up to 5000 Da

  • Eurosil Bioselect 300 C18A
  • Eurosil Bioselect 300 C18A

    Ultra pure, spherical wide pore HPLC phase based on silica gel

    Unpolar, monomeric C18 (Octadecyl) modification, endcapped, with 7 % carbon content (hydrophilic endcapping).


    Separation mechanism: Hydrophobic interaction

    Key features

    Eurosil Bioselect 300 C18A has been specifically developed for the determination and purification of peptides, proteins, and oligonucleotides up to MW approx. 5,000 Da. The optimized manufacturing process guarantees excellent batch–to-batch reproducibility. The Eurosil Bioselect sorbent is the first choice for Biochromatography with silica material.

    Technical data

    C18A phase based on ultra-pure silica gel (purity > 99 %), metal content < 10 ppm, pH-stability 2 - 8, pore size 300 Å, particle size 3 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm (15 μm, 20 – 45 μm on request).

    Recommended application areas

    Hydrophilic and polar biomolecules, peptides, very polar biomolecules separated with 100 % aqueous eluents.

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