Puritychrom upgrade: Extends the Basic License to an unlimited number of controllable devices and 8 data channels, adds autosampler support Contact us
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Article No.: A2652
Articlename: PurityChrom® 5 Upgrade

PurityChrom® 5 Upgrade

Extension to unlimited number of devices, 8 data channels and autosampler control (incl. stacked injections) supported

PurityChrom is a chromatography software especially designed for the area of preparative purifications and FPLC applications. To get more general information about PurityChrom, please also check the homepage of the basic license. The basic version offers all main features but is limited to 3 data channels and the control of eight devices, but does not support an autosampler. 
The PurityChrom 5 Upgrade supports 8 data channels and an unlimited number of devices including an autosampler. Furthermore, the upgrade version enables stacked injections. By using multiple, consecutive injections in one run, you can shorten your purification time and thus, increase the efficiency of your purification system. In the upgrade version, multiple runs can be started not only via a sequence table (just as in the basic version), but also via an Autosampler Control File offering more flexibility.
For controlling a diode-array detector or a mass spectrometer, an additional 3D option (A2654) or MS option (A2655) is available.


Key Features

Technical Data


Software name PurityChrom® 5
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Stand-alone Extension to unlimited number of devices and 8 data channels, autosampler supported
Multi-user environment Optional user administration with individual assignment of rights for individual users
Fields of applications FPLC
Recommended PC hardware CPU/Memory: Pentium III or higher with at least 1 MHz 32 or 64 bit At least 512 MB RAM (Windows XP) and 2 GB (Windows Vista and higher) Graphics: Screen with minimal resolution 1024 x 768 Connectors and Slots: USB for license dongle/COM, USB or LAN according to connected instruments
Integration Real-time analysis of peaks, automatic or manual integration and baseline correction
Security and GLP FDA 21 CFR Part 11
Chromatogram operations overlay view
Automation Sequences
Presentation of results Individual report configuration
Calculations Column performance calculations according to DAB
Data import and export Comma Separated Value, AIA/ANDI, ChromStar Slice
Special features Method creation based on volume or column volumeHold functionFunctionalised visualisationDirect Control during a runDisplay of solvent supply Waste management

Additional options/extensions

FRC option Included
FRC features Control of fraction collectors and KNAUER valve drives as fractionation valve, fractionation per Time/Level/Slope, rack info with filling level and chromatogram link
PDA option special licence option; no 3D presentation

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