KNAUER columns with Phenyl modification

  • Eurospher II 100 Phenyl
  • ProntoSIL 120 Phenyl
  • Eurospher II 100 Phenyl

    Ultra pure, spherical high performance HPLC phase based on silica gel

    Phenyl modification (Phenylpropyl), 12 % carbon content


    Separation mechanism: Pi-Pi Interactions

    Key features

    Classical phenyl phase with 12 % carbon load, outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, suited for analytical as well as semi preparative and preparative applications

    Technical Data

    Phenyl phase based on ultra-pure silica gel (purity > 99 %), metal content < 10 ppm, pH-stability 2 - 8, pore size 100 A,particle size 2 μm, 3 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm (15 μm, 20 – 45 μm on request)

    Recommended application areas

    Alternative selectivity for aromatic and mode rately pi-pi interaction polar analytes or mixtures with varying polarity and aromaticity

  • ProntoSIL 120 Phenyl

    Spherical high performance HPLC phase based on silica gel

    Phenyl modification (Phenylpropyl), standard endcapping, with 10 % carbon content

    ProntoSIL Phenyl is a RP packing that offers different selectivities in comparison to brush type stationary phases like C8 or C18. It is fully endcapped. Due to the bonding technology it shows excellent stability even at pH 1. The ProntoSIL Phenyl packing is available in 120 Å and particle sizes of 3 μm and 5 μm. The 5 μm support is also available in 60 Å. This packing shows an enhanced selectivity and hydrophobicity. 

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