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Article No.: A2654
Articlename: PurityChrom® 3D Option

PurityChrom® 3D Option

DAD license

The PurityChrom 3D option enables the acquisition and analysis of spectrum data with diode-array detectors (DAD). Up to 8 channels can be used for data acquisition via DAD. The configuration of those channels is performed in each method (time control file). The spectrum channel shows always only one spectrum to a certain point in the chromatogram. A 3D plot of all spectrum data is not supported in PurityChrom.



This DAD license requires the full version of PurityChrom. For more general information about the chromatography software PurityChrom check also the homepages of the basic licence (A2650) and the uprade version (A2652).

Technical Data


Software name PurityChrom® 5
Extensions / Licenses PDA / 3D UV
Operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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