How to write methods in PurityChrom 5 - a short checklist

  1. Methods are called “Time Control Files”.
  1. You have the possibility to stop your pumps if you pause your run with the “Hold” button. Therefore check “Stop Pumps at Time Control Hold” in “Options”.
  1. Start your method at time/volume point 0 with the function “Composition Major Pump” or “Composition Minor Pump” and with the Function “Flowrate”.
  1. If you are using both pumps during the run, choose the composition and flow rate for both pumps at time point 0. You can choose a flowrate of 0 ml/min for the pump you want to start later.
  1. Choose the default position of all your used valves at time point 0
  1. Choose your wavelength (function “Wavelength”) and your required channels with the function “Start Chromatogram” from time point 0.02 (not 0.0).
  1. Don’t forget to program an autozero.
  1. To program a gradient, you need to include all the angles of this gradient as compositions. A linear gradient will be calculated between two different compositions at two different time points. Program a small time difference between the compositions to create a step in your gradient. Using a P2.1L the smallest time difference should be 0.06 minutes.
  1. To start fractionation using a fraction collector, change the position of your fraction collector valve from “Waste” to “Fraction”. The function “Collector” enables you to move the collector arm to the wished position (“Step”: The arm will perform a step to the next position). Don’t program the function “Collector” at time point 0. To set a volume use the function “Fraction Limiter”. The current position of the fraction collector arm will be remembered until the program is switched off and on again.
  1. To start fractionation using a fraction valve, change the position of your fraction valve from “Waste” to “Fraction”. You can choose a distinct position or the command “Next Step” to go automatically to the next position. To set a volume use the function “Fraction Limit”. The current position of the fraction valve will not be remembered by the software.
  1. Program the function “Stop All” at the end of your method. The function “Stop Chromatogram” is only needed to if you want to restart your method automatically (function “Restart Time Control File”), if you want to link another method to your method (function “Load new File”) or if you are using your method in a sequence table.

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