How to upgrade my PurityChrom 5 to PurityChrom 6?

PurityChrom 6 is the new generation of Knauer´s preparative software PurityChrom, which you will easily recognize at first glance. The whole software was developed further so that an upgrade to PurityChrom 6 will offer you new beneficial features for your purification tasks as the following ones:

-          Animated flow path

-          Easy method writing via clicks into the system visualization

-          Configuration of multiple systems

-          User-friendly, modern software interface

-          Extended functions of the user administration (detailed permission definition, grouping of users, Windows SID login, …)

-          GAMP 5 and 21CFR Part 11 compliance can be supported

-          …

To upgrade your existing PurityChrom 5 system to PurityChrom 6, article A2687 or in case of required software qualification A2689 has to be ordered. Your PurityChrom 5 dongle will be also valid for PurityChrom 6, thus please state your existing dongle serial number in your order.

The old software files cannot be transferred automatically to the new software. Therefore, we offer to configure your existing system in the new software. This service is included in A2687 and A2689. You only have to deliver the following PurityChrom 5 files of your existing system to your local sales contact:

-          PurityChrom.ini (C:\Windows),

-          PurityChrom.cfg and PurityChrom.lic (C:\PurityChrom),

-          Visualisation Background (C:\PurityChrom\Visualisation\Visualisation Backgrounds),

-          Visualisation File (C:\PurityChrom\Visualisation\Visualisation Files)


Please note, that the user administration cannot be transferred from PurityChrom 5 to PurityChrom 6.

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