How to create a user-defined channel in PurityChrom 5?

In PurityChrom a user-defined channel can be created, which will be calculated based on the chosen data channels. 

Settings for a user-defined channel have to be done:
1. In the setup menu of PurityChrom: Open the setup menu. Go to the tab „user-defined channel“ and choose the data channels and the mathematical operation, which should be used for the calculation of the new channel.
2. In the chromatogram window: Open the chromatogram window and activate the user-defined channel by clicking on the „U“ button. Open now the setup menu of the chromatogram window and rename the channel and its dimension.

Using external pressure sensors (one before and one after the column), the user-defined channel can display for example the pressure difference. Or monitor the purity of your sample by defining the user-defined channel as a ratio of UV signals.

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