AZURA Cannabis Purifier - system layout

Cannabis Purifier: Preparative HPLC system for batch purification of single cannabinoids from cannabis extracts

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Article No.: SYS752102114
Articlename: AZURA Cannabis Purifier

Cannabis Purifier: Preparative HPLC system for batch purification of single cannabinoids from cannabis extracts

Preparative system with ternary gradient pump, UV-detector, injection and fractionation valve

The AZURA Cannabis Purifier is a dedicated preparative system to purify cannabinoids from cannabis extracts. The HPLC layout consists of a pump with ternary LPG valve block and a HPLC docking station equipped with a variable single wavelength UV detector an injection and a fractionation valve for 11 fractions and waste. The system is designed for method development und small volumes of sample in a flow rate range between 10 to 80 ml/min at maximum 400 bar. The system is controlled by the intuitive and touch-optimized Mobile Control, which is installed on a tablet. The software has a simple function for threshold based fractionation. Depending on the value of the detector signal the target substances/peaks are collected automatically. The purification of CBD from a cannabinoid oil is shown exemplarily.

Due to its modular design, the system can be easily up scaled to higher flow rates by simply replacing the pump head, valves, flow cell and capillaries. The basic devices do not need to be replaced. The next scale-up level allows flow rates up to 200 ml/min at 200 bar. The 1/16" capillaries are exchanged for 1/8" capillaries. Higher sample volumes are injected via a channel of the gradient pump. The modules of the HPLC docking station and the valves are exchanged within minutes and allow to flexibly adapt the system to changing purification tasks.

Key Features

Technical Data

System specification

System type Pilot
Gradient LPG
Max. flow rate 100 ml/min
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 40 MPa
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 5800 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 400 bar
Detector Variable single wavelength detection UV/Vis
Injection automatic injection
Fractionation multi-position valve
Software PurityChrom

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