Purification of Sulfhydryl Oxidase

Application No.: VBS0069

Purification of Sulfhydryl Oxidase

Enzymes play a key role in food production. The use of recombinant enzymes for the food industry is a growing market. In this application we describe the purification of sulfhydryl oxidase (SOx) by affinity chromatography. Its stabilizing potential makes this enzyme an ideal candidate for food applications where proteins play a role, for example baking products or egg
dishes. Additionally SOx is commercially rare and the broad application field provides huge potential for the food industry.

Technical Data


Method FPLC

Separation conditions

Mode Affinity
Substances Sulfhydryl-Oxidase
Key words Sulfhydryl-Oxidase, FPLC, Affinity, IMAC
CAS number 9029-39-4

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