Is it possible to repair my KNAUER flow cell?

Some of the KNAUER flow cells for our UV detectors are considered as a wear part. This is the case for all flow cell cartridges (used for AZURA MWD 2.1L, AZURA DAD 2.1L, and AZURA DAD 6.1L) of the PressureProof type as well as for the LightGuide type. These flow cells cannot be repaired at KNAUER. If there is a significant drop in the performance of these flow cells our cleaning procedures may be a solution for recovering the performance. These procedures are described in the flow cell cartridge supplement that can be downloaded below.

For some of our classical flow cells, used for the AZURA UVD 2.1S, AZURA UVD 2.1L, BlueShadow 40D, and BlueShadow 50D, we offer repair kits. These kits include different lenses, light guides, seals or pressure nuts depending on your flow cell and may be useful if dirt has accumulated on the glass surface of the flow cell or seals became leaky over time.

In case your flow cell has an integrated heat exchanger (e.g. part no. A4061XB, A4061, A4061V2) and the heat exchanger is blocked there is no way to repair the flow cell.

For further assistance please contact the KNAUER customer support at support@knauer.net.

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