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Article No.: A4079
Articlename: Preparative UV Flow Cell

Preparative UV Flow Cell

1/8" Fiber Optics Version

This bioinert preparative UV flow cell with fiber optic connectors is distinguished by its robust and long-life design. The flow cell can be easily dismantled allowing optical components to be cleaned and replaced. Fiber optic cables offer the possibility to separate the flow cell spatially from the detector and thus provides enhanced security for hazardous, explosive or toxic work processes. This flow cell is compatible with the following KNAUER fiber optic version detectors: AZURA UVD 2.1S, UVD 2.1L, DAD 6.1L, DAD 2.1L, MWD 2.1L and Smartline 2520 and 2600.

Technical Data

Flow cell

Flow cell type Preparative UV flow cell
Biocompatible Yes
Fiber optics version Yes
Capillary connection 1/8''
Wetted materials PEEK / quartz (SUPRASIL) / PTFE
Path length 0.5 / 1.25 / 2 mm
Flow cell volume 1.7 / 4.3 / 6.8 µl
Max. flow rate 1000 ml/min
Maximum pressure 100 bar

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