How can I overcome communication problems with AZURA MWD/DAD 2.1L and DAD 6.1L?

In the case of an error message stating "No New Data from Detector" (for PurityChrom) or "Error:235, Instrument not validated" (for ClarityChrom), the problem is not related to the communication between the device and the software. In this cases, the detector is not validated, which can also easily been seen via the status LEDs of the detector. If the middle LED is flashing, the validation of the device is running. A successful validation is signaled by the green LED in the middle. If the middle LED is off, the validation was not successful. This could have several reasons:

  • Lamp is off
  • Lamp is too old
  • Flow cell is broken or contaminated
  • Air in flow cell
  • Interruption of validation due to an early start of the software

To overcome this problem follow this steps:

  1. Check if lamp is on. If not, start the lamp and restart the validation. This can be done in ClarityChrom via the Diagnostics window. For PurityChrom the device must be restartet by a power cycle. Always wait with the start of your software, until the validation is finished.
  2. If the lamp is on and the validation was not successful, install the test cell (AMLX8) and restart the validation as described in 1.
  3. If the calibration was successful with the test cell, reinstall the flow cell and flush the flow cell for at least 10 min with a flow of at least 1 ml/min. Afterwards restart the calibration as stated above. If the validation is performed successfully the problem was caused by air in the flow cell. If the validation was not successful it may be that the flow cell is dirty. In this case, please clean the flow cell as described in the flow cell supplement and repeat the validation afterwards as stated above. If also the cleaning does not lead to a successful validation, please record an intensity spectrum as described in the software manual. It may be necessary to replace the flow cell. Flow cells are part of a detector that are aging over time and need to be replaced after some time depending on the operation conditions.
  4. If the validation with the test cell was not successful, and you are sure, that the lamp of the detector is working properly, please contact the KNAUER customer support (support@knauer.net) for further assistance.


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