Where is my UV light?


Cartridge Flow Cells - Diagnostics

The KNAUER flow cell cartridges (for example LightGuide AMC19XA, AMD59XA and PressureProof AMC38, AMB18 flow cells) for AZURA  detectors DAD 6.1L, DAD 2.1L and MWD 2.1L should be handled with care in order to ensure optimal performance. An important aspect in handling your flow cell cartridge, is that you should not touch the fiber optic ends with your fingers. Your fingers may leave a thin fat layer on the fiber optic ends, which drastically impairs the flow cell's and detectors's performance. To diagnose this issue, we recommend generating an intensity spectrum (via your chromatography software under Diagnostics). Dirty fiber optic ends result in little or no UV light (see below). In order to restore performance, simply clean the fiber optic ends with alcohol and a cotton bud.

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