Isocratic HPLC system with variable single wavelength UV/VIS detector and manual injection, especially designed for educational purposes

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Article No.: A46002
Articlename: SYS671101100 AZURA Educational system

Isocratic HPLC system with variable single wavelength UV/VIS detector and manual injection, especially designed for educational purposes

The AZURA Compact HPLC isocratic educational system is a small complete analytical isocratic HPLC system. Due to its compact dimensions, the system fits onto every laboratory bench. The AZURA Compact HPLC isocratic is based on the multifunctional AZURA element ASM 2.2L and contains two integrated modules and a manual injecton valve, that is fixed to the side of the system. The integrated modules are a pump and a UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength. A flow cell is included in the package. The system comes with an eluent tray for safe storage of up to six bottles. The column can be attached anywhere to the system via magnetic clip. A leak sensor and the capillary guidance as well as the optional

AZURA Mobile Control facilitate the safe and user friendly operation. The stackable elements of AZURA allow to create complex system solutions requiring a only minimum of space. Modern design with completely demountable fronts turn the system into a visual highlight.

Key features:

  • Complete isocratic analytical HPLC system that needs very little bench space
  • UV/VIS detector with one variable wavelength
  • Pump unit with pressure sensor for a low pulsation eluent supply
  • Optional AZURA Mobile Control software allows direct control of all integrated modules
  • Leakage protection
  • Complete software package ClarityChrom® (Educational License)
  • Notebook
  • Capillary scheme
  • Application note
  • Introduction to operation of software and hardware via short movies

AZURA Educational system: Video Tutorials

The HPLC software ClarityChrom controls the AZURA Educational system and records chromatograms. It also evaluates data for qualitiative and quantitative analyses. The handling of ClarityChrom is explained in the first seven AZURA video tutorials.

1: ClarityChrom Software (in German)

2: ClarityChrom main window, configuration, user definition, and project setup (in German)

3: Write a method (in German)

4: Start an analysis (in German)

5: Qualitative analysis (in German)

6: Calibration (in German)

7: Quantitative analysis (in German)



Technical Data

Analytical system

Application area Educational
Pump system Isocratic
Gradient None
Injection Manual injection
Detector Variable single wavelength detection UV/VIS
Software Mobile Control, ClarityChrom
Pressure 400 bar
Column thermostat No

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