What is a column chromatography kit?

Column sets are ideal for testing a new method.
Our scientists have put together a selection of the most popular columns. We want you to test and improve your method successfully.
Whether you work in the field of RP (reversed phase) HPLC or FPLC, KNAUER columns are available in many areas.

Change now to KNAUER columns

KNAUER has a 56-year long history of producing high quality lab equipment. The columns perfectly meet even sophisticated analysis demands with outstanding robustness and quality “Made in Germany”. We offer customer service which can be called free of charge and which is available to all our customers. When you have a problem, we will help you. With our experts in the lab and in the service team, we can provide the best service to you.
To test the new KNAUER columns, we designed special reversed phase column kits, Ion Exchange column kits and His Tag column kits.

Do you need more columns?
Download the PDF with all chromatography columns

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