Eurospher is ideally suited for high resolution normal phase and reversed phase chromatography. With more than 20 years on the market, the Eurospher stationary phase has earned a reputation as a stable and reliable partner for daily separation tasks.

Eurospher I silica features an outstanding mechanical stability, a high available surface area and a narrow particle size distribution.These properties give Eurospher a long lifetime and high loading capacity.

Available in many different modifications and column sizes, Eurospher I columns adapt easily to your application and truly strike a balance between efficiency, price and performance.

  • Physical properties
  • Modifications
  • Physical properties of Eurospher I

    Silica gel 2nd generation
    Particle size 3 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm, 15 μm
    Particle form spherical
    Pore size 100 Å
    Specific surface 350 m2/g
    Pore volumen 0.9 ml/g

  • Modifications of Eurospher I

    The Eurospher I stationary phase is available in 7 different surface modifications for a wide range of applications, including reversed phase and normal phase applications. Every Eurospher I modification offers high chemical stability and loading capacity. Our long experience and knowledge in producing HPLC columns ensures you of the highest reproducibility. Every modification must pass extensive quality control procedures, guaranteeing the best batch to batch reproducibility.

    Modification USP code Carbon % pH range
    C18 L1 16 % (~ 50 % endcapping) 2 - 8
    C8 L7 10 % (~ 50 % endcapping) 2 - 8
    C4 L26 7 % (~ 50 % endcapping) 2 - 8
    NH2 L8 4 % (no endcapping) 2 - 8
    CN L10 7 % (no endcapping) 2 - 8
    Diol L20 5 % (no endcapping) 2 - 8
    Si L3 0% (no endcapping) 2 - 8

HPLC column hardware

We design and manufacture analytical HPLC Vertex Plus column hardware ranging from 3 mm ID to 8 mm ID under strict quality control. For our high resolution 2mm ID columns, we use a special stainless steel column hardware with dead volume optimized frit technology. A special treated inner surface ensures consistent column packing and high column stability for all of KNAUER´s HPLC columns. A wide range of column lengths from 5 mm up to 300 mm are available. The easily exchangeable integrated precolumn for analytical columns is available upon request for all 3 mm ID up to 4.6 mm ID columns.

Eurospher I application areas

The choice of the appropriate column for a particular application can be a challenging task. With a range of bonded phases offering different selectivity, the Eurospher I family includes columns to meet most separation needs. The table below will help you to choose the best Eurospher I column for a particular application.

Applications with Eurospher Columns

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