Determination of Steroid hormones

Application No.: VPH0005J

Determination of Steroid hormones

Steroid hormones help control metabolism, inflammation, immune functions, salt and water balance, development of sexual characteristics, and the ability to withstand illness and injury. The term steroid describes both hormones produced by the body and artificially produced medications that duplicate the action for the naturally occurring steroids.

Technical Data


Method HPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances Cortisone, Corticosterone, Desoxycorticosterone, Testosterone, Norgestrel, Progesterone
Key words Steroids, Steroid hormones, Pharmaceutical
CAS number 53-06-5, 50-22-6, 64-85-7, 58-22-0, 6533-00-2, 57-83-0

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