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Article No.: A5335
Articlename: 2 channel GPC degasser

2 channel GPC degasser

Analytical 2 channel GPC Degasser

Dissolved gases in the solvent can cause bubbles in the flow path of pumps and detectors. Reliable chromatographic separation therefore requires degassing of the solvent. This small analytical 2-channel degasser is equipped with two degassing chambers and can thus degas two solvents simultaneously. In contrast to other degassers, this degasser is especially suitable for applications with 100 % organic solvents (like THF, HFIP or hexane) as an eluent, like GPC or Normal Phase Chromatography.

Technical Data

Degasser module

Degasser channels 2
Max. flow rate/channel 10 ml/min
Recommended flow rate/channel 3 ml/min
Degassing method Gas permeation through a fluoropolymere membrane
Degassing chamber volume 480 µl
Solvent applicability universal, especially suitable for 100 % organic solvent
Wetted materials PPS, PTFE, Systec AF TM, stainless steel
Pressure decline 1.37 mm (Hg/ml/min)
Maximum pressure stability 70 psi

Technical parameters

Display 3 LEDs
Ambient conditions temperature range: 4 - 40 °C, 39.2 - 104 °F
air humidity: below 90%, non-condensing


Power supply 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Dimensions 73 x 131 x 263 mm (W x H x D)

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