Which solvents can I use with my pump ?

Our pump heads are made from materials, which are resistant to common HPLC solvents. You can use all pumps under standard conditions (1 < pH < 13, not oxidative or reductive reagent).

If you are using buffer or any high concentrated salt solutions, you should use ceramic or titanium pump heads. For liquids with a pH < 1, you can use the Hastelloy version of the 10 or 50 ml pump head.


In case your eluent is more aggressive (oxidative/reductive or a pH > 13) you have to use Kel-F / FFKM upgrade Kits:


Pump head size Article number
10 ml A5821-1
50 ml A5821-2
100/250 ml A58211
500/1000 ml A58212

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