What is the difference between a Dosing Pump and an HPLC System Pump?

Every HPLC System is equipped with a pump for high-pressure solvent delivery. HPLC System Pumps often share the same footprint than all other system components to stack all HPLC devices, which saves lab bench space. HPLC System Pumps are controlled via a chromatography data system and thus require very little control options directly on the device's front panel.

Dosing Pumps are optimized as standalone devices. Therefore they are very compact and have a control panel to allow direct control over all functions such as purging, flow rate adjustment and gradient composition. In addition, KNAUER dosing pumps of the BlueShadow series feature wake-up control for automatic solvent delivery at a pre-defined date and time and other advanced programming options.

Standalone devices are the BlueShadow Pumps 40P and 80P as well as the AZURA P 2.1S and P 4.1S. The AZURA P2.1L and 6.1L are designed as system devices, so they don’t have an own display. Their footprint and design fits perfectly into our AZURA systems.

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