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Article No.: A3701
Articlename: Vapor pressure osmometer K-7000 - discontinued

Vapor pressure osmometer K-7000 - discontinued

The Vapor Pressure Osmometer K-7000 is used to determine the total osmolality of biological liquids. In addition, molecular masses of polymers can be determined in aqueous or organic solvents. The instrument is optimally supported by the software EuroOsmo®, which simplifies management of methods and measuring curves for easy data evaluation.

Technical Data


Molecular weight range Aqueous: up to 10 000 g/mol; Organic: 40–40 000 g/mol
Concentration range 1 x 10-3–15 molal
Sensitivity 3.3 x 10-5 mol/kg in toluene and 1.7 x 10-4 mol/kg in H2O
Sample volume approx. 10 µl (one drop)
Number of samples up to 4 samples
Test time 1.5–5 Minutes per measurement
Working temperature 20–130 °C
ΔT head thermostat 0–6 °C
Warm-up time 5–40 °C, 0.5 h; 40–60 °C, 1.0 h; 60–100 °C, 1.5 h; 100–130 °C, 2.0 h
Syringes 1 ml glass syringes with teflon-headed steel pistons
Minimum solvent volume 20 ml (in the cell)
Gain 1–256

Technical parameters

Special features External Data Evaluation with EuroOsmo 7000 Software Package
Display LCD

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