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Article No.: AZZ00NB
Articlename: Pulse Damper, High Volume

Pulse Damper, High Volume, Stainless Steel

Reduces pulsation, improves performance

The KNAUER pulse dampers combine high damping performance with reliable
membrane-free assembly and easy implementation into the HPLC system. Especially
when working in low concentration ranges, they can significantly improve
the detection limits of trace components by reducing the fluctuation of the baseline.


Key Features

Technical Data

Pulse dampers

Damping mechanism Membrane-free
Inlet outlet port UNF 10-32, 1/16''
Maximum operating temperature 120 °C
Maximum pressure 1000 bar
Internal volume 290 µl (ambient pressure), 650 µl (600 bar/ 8700 psi
Wetted materials PEEK, PTFE, stainless steel
Dimensions 107 mm, 32 mm (height, diameter)

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