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Article No.: A5080
Articlename: KNAUER Liquid Handler LH 2.1

Preparative Liquid Handler LH 2.1

Autosampler and Fraction Collector

KNAUER’s new Liquid Handler LH 2.1 allows for the expansion of purification processes with the ability to combine sample injection and fraction collection in one device. A high capacity of sample and fraction vessels meets a flexible arrangement facilitating reinjection of samples to reach new levels of purification. The handler injects samples with minimal loss regardless of their volume – perfect for working with expensive compounds.


• Combine sample injection and fraction collection
• Inject small and large sample volumes with minimal loss
• Expand your vessel capacities
• Flexible arrangement of samples and fractions
• Reinject collected fractions to reach new levels of purity

Technical Data

Fraction collection

Fraction capacity

Maximum vessel capacity with 5 KNAUER racks

  • 15 x micro titer well plates
  • 810 x 2 ml tubes
  • 490 x 15 ml tubes
  • 160 x 50 ml tubes
Diverter valve Yes
Number of racks 5 KNAUER racks, teaching module for own racks (racks are not included)

Sample injection

Sample injection standard and sandwich injection mode
Sample loop up to 60 ml; included 10 mL (PEEK)
Injection valve valve and valve drive not included, 1/16" or 1/8" V 4.1 injection valves (coned port) and VU 4.1 supported
Temperature control No
Needle wash single needle wash step after each injection
Wash solvent 4
Wetted materials Aluminium oxide 99.5 %, Borosilicate Glass, PTFE, FEP, AISI 316L, PEEK


Power supply 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz
Dimensions 96 cm x 104 cm x 70 cm; working area 70 cm x 30 cm
Weight 82 kg
Leak sensor No
Ambient conditions 10–35°C, 30–80% RH, non-condensing
Note valve drive VU 4.1, injection valve V 4.1 and racks are not included;
not CSA/UL certified


Control LAN, supported by PurityChrom and Chromeleon 7.2
Programming Loop Volume, Syringe Volume, Syringe Speed, Syringe Delay, Sandwich Volume, Wash Volume, Wash Speed, Dead Volume

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