How to prevent the error message FREEZE?

Cause Solution
The freeze temperature set in the temperature menu (COOL) is too low for the sample. Raise the freeze temperature gradually by steps of 0.5 °C. Please be aware that after the settings have been changed, a new calibration is required.
The thermistor is contaminated or scratched, which results in crystallization before freezing initiation. Clean the thermistor. If the thermistor is scratched, please contact our customer support.
The volume of the sample solution is too low. Self-freezing of the sample is caused by a cold zone, which develops above the solution on the vial material. Use an appropriate sample volume as it is recommended in the KNAUER user manual. The vial is contaminated.
The vial is contaminated. Use a new and clean vial for each measurement.
The sample solution contains particles that function as nuclei of crystallization. Filter the sample prior to measurement.
The used plastic vial is not suitable for the measurement. Use the plastic vials that are recommended by KNAUER.
The solution to be measured is saturated with air or other gases. Degas the sample by ultrasound prior to the measurement.


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