How are the capillaries connected to the valve of the fraction collector Foxy R1/R2?

Rear View of diverter valve Foxy R1/R2

In the Foxy R1 accessory set you will find 1/16" capillaries and fittings. In the Foxy R2 accessory set you will find 1/8" capillaries and fittings. If you alternatively want to operate the Foxy R1 with 1/8" or the Foxy R2 with 1/16", you will find the other screw connections and capillaries for 1/16" and 1/8" in the Foxy R1/R2 accessory package F59100. Please note that for reasons of space, one screw connection from the respective accessory set and the other screw connection from the Foxy R1/R2 accessory package F59100 must be used.

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