Healthy chocolate? – UHPLC determination of ingredients in dark chocolate

Application No.: VFD0164

Healthy chocolate? – UHPLC determination of ingredients in dark chocolate

Chocolate … a healthy food? Recently, polyphenols have gained more attention, due to their antioxidant capacity and their possible beneficial implications in human health. As more studies associate an increasing number of health benefits to its high anti-oxidant content, dark chocolate has been labelled as "superfood". But not all ingredients are considered to have health-beneficial properties. In this application, 14 chocolate relevant compounds were separated with the AZURA® UHPLC system in under 1.5 minutes.

Technical Data


Method UHPLC

Separation conditions

Mode RP
Substances Acesulfam K, theobromine, saccharin, theophylline, caffeine, chlorogenic acid, catechin, epicatechin, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, vanillin, guaiacol, sorbic acid, methylparaben, propylparaben
Key words UHPLC, cocoa, chocolate, polyphenol, methylxanthines, sweetneners, preservatives, flavouring, anti-oxidant
CAS number 55589-62-3, 83-67-0, 81-07-2, 58-55-9, 327-97-9, 154-23-4, 490-46-0, 110-44-1, 94-13-3, 121-33-5, 202-804-9, 90-05-1, 58-08-2, 99-76-3

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