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Go Green in Ghana - 'Forest Maker' Tony Rinaudo with World Vision on site at KNAUER

Berlin: Berlin-based manufacturer of high-tech laboratory measuring devices KNAUER hosted a sustainability event with 120 guests at its premises on May 29, 2024.

Managing Director Alexandra Knauer had invited the guests, and she opened the event by explaining why she is passionate about sustainability. The focus was on a major aid project that has been financed by the company and the Knauer family for the past two years with re-greening measures in Ghana. Project partner World Vision was on site with Australian agricultural economist Tony Rinaudo, who has made a name for himself as the “forest maker”.

Tony Rinaudo described his inspiring story and his experiences with the FMNR method he discovered for revegetation. “Farmer-Managed Natural Regeneration” is a natural and cost-effective method of re-greening deforested land. It is not a classic reforestation with seedlings, but an activation of existing root networks, which still sprout regularly under the harsh conditions, but have no chance of developing into a tree. By protecting and pruning these sprouts, it is possible to grow trees again within a few years.

Rinaudo was awarded the “Right Livelihood Award” for his development of the “FMNR” method. This award is known as the “Alternative Nobel Prize” and promotes outstanding people and projects that are committed to improving living conditions in the developing world.

As Rinaudo emphasizes, the FMNR method also promotes a new attitude among people towards trees: they need to be cared for and effectively protected from being eaten, completely cut down and set on fire. Over the past two decades, many people in Africa have been convinced by information events and word-of-mouth propaganda, with the result that many millions of trees have been regrown from their roots.
The living conditions of small farmers are improving sustainably. The annual family income increases by an average of USD 1000. This is often more than double the amount before FMNR. Many people are not even aware of these great successes based on Rinaudo's method and the guests at KNAUER were delighted and impressed by these results and opportunities.

Susanne Ransweiler, Senior Consultant Philanthropy, presented some details of the specific project in Ghana's northern region of Binduri, which the Knauer family and the KNAUER company have made possible with donations of EUR 600,000 to date. It is now being extended for a further two years and financial support from other people is welcome. In addition to replanting using the FMNR method, measures such as the distribution of wood-saving stoves, beekeeping and the creation of savings groups will lead to an improvement in living conditions for up to 5,000 people. World Vision is a children's aid organization, so the focus is on the well-being of the children and the opportunity to attend school.

"Our goal is to restore one billion hectares of degraded land in the next decade. Let everyone who can join us. That is ambitious. But what have we got to lose. The alternative is not pretty," said Tony Rinaudo, calling on people to take part in this major task, which is not only climate-friendly, but above all should also enable poor and arid regions to live a decent life again.

World Vision Germany is an international children's aid organization with a focus on development cooperation and humanitarian aid. For more than 70 years, it has been pursuing the goal of creating a better future for children worldwide. This is achieved through sponsorships, development aid for self-help and sustainable project work. www.worldvision.de

Founded in 1962, KNAUER is known as a developer and manufacturer of high-tech laboratory instruments, in particular liquid chromatographs, but also systems for the production of lipid nanoparticles used for mRNA vaccines. Beyond its business activities, sustainability is a matter close to the heart of the 200-strong family company. Managing directors Alexandra Knauer and Carsten Losch attach great importance to corporate responsibility towards employees as well as the environment and society. www.knauer.net

A brief introduction to Tony Rinaudo and the FNMR method can be found in the trailer for Volker Schlöndorff's documentary film about him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQH_4sUD2f8

More about KNAUER's Go Green in Ghana project at World Vision (German):


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