Eurokat column coupling for carbohydrate analysis

Application No.: VFD0187

Eurokat column coupling for carbohydrate analysis

Based on a sulfonated cross-linked styrene divinylbenzene copolymer, the ionic forms Pb and Ca are best suited for the analysis of small carbohydrates up to DP 4. No organic solvents are needed what makes these columns an excellent choice for food applications.

Technical Data

Application details

Method HPLC
Mode Ion exclusion, Ligand exchange
Substances sucrose, maltose, lactose, glucose, galactose, fructose
Key words Carbohydrates, sugar, Eurokat, PSDVB, polymer column, degree of polymerization, RID, refractive index
CAS number 57-50-1 , 69-79-4, 63-42-3 , 58367-01-4, 59-23-4, 6035-50-3
Version 1/12-2020

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