Do I need a special pump head for organic solvents?

When organic solvents are used, pump performance can be improved by using spring-loaded check valves. The following pump heads are available for normal phase applications:

  • 10 ml pump head (Art. Nr. AHB40BA)
  • 50 ml pump head (Art. Nr. AHC20BA)

For Aldehydes, organic acids, phenols, alcohols and ethers (e.g. THF), sealings made from FFKM and Kel-F are recommended. Existing pump heads can be adapted using rebuilt kits:

  • FFKM/Kel-F Rebuilt Kit for P2.1S/P4.1S with 10 ml pump head (Art. Nr. A5821-1) or 50 ml pump head (A5821-1)

For water, sapphire pistons are recommended. Existing pump heads can be adapted with the following rebuilt kit: 

  • Rebuilt kit for 10 ml pump head for aqueous eluents (A5823)


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