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Article No.: APH30FA
Articlename: AZURA P 6.1L

Cost effective, isocratic semi-prep HPLC pump

AZURA P 6.1L Isocratic Pump with 50 ml pump head, stainless steel

The AZURA® Pump P 6.1L uses technology to overcome the challenges of pumping LC solvents at high pressure and defined flow rates. This pump is designed to fulfill the needs for either high pressure or low pressure gradient forming. The pump can deliver flow in the range of 0.001–50 ml/min at pressures up to 1000 bar (depending on model). The AZURA® binary pump contains two identical high pressure pumps, a 2×2-channel inlet solvent selection valve and the low-volume AZURA® mixer. The AZURA® quaternary pump contains one high pressure pump and an integrated LPG mixing block with a 4-channel inlet solvent selection valve and a low-dwell volume AZURA® mixer. The integrated degasser and AZURA® inline filter are completing this analytical AZURA® P 6.1L HPLC pump and turn it into a work horse in the lab. This pump is also available with wetted materials made from ceramic, PEEK and titanium for biocompatible applications.

Technical Data

General information

Max. flow rate 50 ml/min
Flow rate range 0.01 - 50 ml/min
Flow rate increment 0.001 ml/min
Pressure range
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 4350 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 30 MPa
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 300 bar
Pump head materials Stainless Steel
Gradient Isocratic
Leak management Yes
Wetted materials GFP (graphite fiber reinforced PTFE), sapphire, ruby, FKM, PEEK, stainless steel, Zirconium oxide
Pump features Active pulsation compensation, RFID for automatic pump head detection, Integrated pressure sensor, Purge valve (manual), Leak management, Piston seal wash

Detailed information

Best working conditions 0.1 - 40 ml/min
Continuous working conditions 0.1 – 20.0 ml/min
Flow rate accuracy ± 0.25 %
Flow rate accuracy conditions measured at 5–80 % of flow range, using ethanol
Flow rate precision ≤ 0.04 % RSD or 0.008 min SD (whichever is greater)
Flow rate precision conditions based on the retention time at constant room temperature
Gradient range
Gradient minimum increment
Degasser No
Solvent selection valve No
Pulsation < 2 % Amplitude (typically: < 1.3 %) or < 3 bar (0.3 MPa), whatever is greater, at 1 ml/min ethanol, at all pressures > 10 bar (1 MPa, 147 psi)
Pulsation compensation Active pulsation compensation
Active piston seal wash Yes
Piston seal washing Yes
System protection Soft start, Pmin und Pmax are programmable
Pump Outlet thread Female UNF 10-32 (coned)
Pump head inlet (standard) UNF 1/4-28 Thread
Pump head outlet (standard) UNF 10-32 Thread


Interfaces LAN, Pin header connectors (Analog IN, Start In, Error IN)
Control LAN, Analog and event control, Mobile Control
Analog inputs Flow rate, 0–10 V via pin header connectors
Analog outputs 8 event outputs (TTL, OC, Relais) and 24 V


Power supply 100–240 V; 50–60 Hz; Maximum power consumption 100 Watt
Dimensions 361 mm × 208.2 mm × 523 mm (W × H × D)
Weight 11.5 kg
Leak sensor Yes
Ambient conditions 4–40 °C (39.2–104 °F) Air humidity below 90 %, non-condensing

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