Comparison of ion exchange columns

Application No.: VBS0074

Comparison of ion exchange columns

Ion exchangers are used in a variety of protein purification protocols. This application compares equivalent columns, a weak and a strong anion exchanger as well as a weak and a strong cation exchanger from two different vendors.
The columns were comparable in all assessed cases. 

Technical Data


Method FPLC

Separation conditions

Mode IEC
Substances AIEC: Conalbumin, a-Lactalbumin, soy bean trypsin inhibitor; CIEC: Cytochrome C, Lysozyme, Ribonuclease A
Key words FPLC, IEC, CIEC, AIEC, AZURA FPLC, Sepapure SP, Sepapure CM, Sepapure Q, Sepapure DEAE
CAS number 1391-06-6, 9051-29-0, 9035-81-8, 9007-43-6,12650-88-3, 9001-99-4

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