Compact pump with pressure sensor, 10 ml/min stainless steel pump head for ASM 2.2L

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Article No.: DPG22EA
Articlename: AZURA P 4.1S for ASM 2.2L

Compact pump with pressure sensor, 10 ml/min stainless steel pump head for ASM 2.2L

Pump P 4.1S, 10 ml, stainless steel - DPG22EA

With its small footprint, the compact dual piston pump AZURA P4.1S can be used for a wide range of laboratory tasks. It features an integrated pressure sensor, which ensures pressure-independent flow rate accuracy. Moreover, for system protection, the pump drive is switched off when reaching a pre-defined pressure limit. Pump heads with maximum flow rates of 10 and 50 ml/min are available.
A pressure rating of up to 400 bar and chemical resistance to a wide range of eluents make it the perfect choice for LC and dosing applications.
Its exchangeable pump head allows adaptation of the pump for delivery of aggressive media and bioinert applications. The pump head can be heated or cooled with optional accessories.

Technical Data

General Information

Max. flow rate 10 ml/min
Flow rate range 0.001−10 ml/min
Flow rate increment 0.001
Maximum delivery pressure [psi] 5800 psi
Maximum delivery pressure [bar] 400 bar
Maximum delivery pressure [MPa] 40 MPa
Pressure range
Pump head materials Stainless steel
Maximum viscosity 100 cp
Liquid temperature range 4−60 °C (39.2−140 °F)
Gradient Isocratic
Leak management via ASM 2.2L
Wetted materials GFP (graphite fiber reinforced PTFE), ruby, sapphire, Titanium, PEEK
Note Pressure sensor membrane made of stainless steel; limited wetting in fluidic path

Detailed information

Best working conditions 0.1−8.0 ml/min
Continuous working conditions 0.1−4.0 ml/min
Flow rate accuracy ±1%
Flow rate accuracy conditions 5 - 50% of flow range using ethanol/water 10:90
Flow rate precision measured at 1 ml/min using ethanol/water 10:90
Flow rate precision conditions ≤ 0.5 % RSD
Pump type Compact high pressure pump
Pulsation compensation no
Active piston seal wash no
Piston seal washing yes
System protection
  • Pmin and Pmax adjustable
  • Imin and Imax adjustable
Pump head inlet (standard) 1/4"-28 UNF (flat bottom)
Pump head outlet (standard) 10−32 UNF (coned)


Interfaces LAN connection of ASM 2.2L
Control Software, Mobile Control, analog
Analog inputs Flow rate 0−10V via ASM 2.2L


Power supply via ASM 2.2L, DC 24V, 40 W
Dimensions 112 x 132 x 253 mm (WxHxD)
Weight 2.5 kg
Leak sensor no
Ambient conditions temperature range: 4–40 °C; 40–104 °F
air humidity: below 90 % humidity (non condensing)
Note DPG22EA is the article number for a module integrated in the assistant. To order the device separately use APG22EA.

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